iPhone 3GS White 16GB


I love the iphone.. especially the Factory unlocked one.

i used to own the 3G Jailbreaked/unlocked which was very slow comparing to the new one.

these are my applications:

  • Facebook
  • Delivery Status
  • AccuWeather
  • ESPN ScoreCenter
  • Skype
  • AppBox Pro
  • Arsenal
  • WordPress
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitterific
  • Ping!
  • BeejiveIM
  • FlightTrack
  • Ebay

~ by Blekh on October 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “iPhone 3GS White 16GB”

  1. yaa that phone is sooo much better than the blackberry, the apps on it are so much more interesting and colorful.

    BUT and thats one hell of a disappointing “BUT”
    they sell the 3gs 32GB at electrozan for like KD330
    They sell Exsite sells it for like KD280 and thts the 16gb one not even sure if its the 3gs one might be the 3g

    and thats aint even the start of the ripoff, exsite doesnt provide with any type of warranty and electrozan only gives u a month of warranty, And i bet thats only on software issues….

    seriously we need a mac dealer up in here!!!

  2. we do have one ! but they dont sell the iphone !!!! i bet their gonna sell it once we get bored of it ! lol

  3. The only bad thing about this iphone is the battery life!
    i have to carry my charger with me everywhere!

    i really do hope that they improve the battery performance

  4. Lower the brightness and ull be fine

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